CBM RICH gas system was designed in 2010 and assembled in Giessen University in February 2011. It provides pure CO2 gas to the RICH prototype at the correct differential pressure (2mbar). The system operates nominally as a closed circuit gas system with the majority of gas recirculation through the prototype. The slow control for the gas system is based on single DAQ32 module.


Gas system diagram Gas system diagram
pdf Gas System Operation Manual
pdf Slow control software manual
pdf Wiring diagram
pdf Charts software manual
pdf DBViewer software manual


Gas system rack Gas system rack

Front panel Front panel

Gas part Gas part

Compressor Compressor

Wiring Wiring

Slow control modules Slow control modules


Power supplies Power supplies

Micro-RICH tests

Control software Control software

Detector pressure stabilization (PT4) “Detector” pressure stabilization (PT4)

See also assorted pictures of system assembling and tests.