CO2 Purification System

The Experiment:

PNPI highly needs carbon dioxide with a high purity that defined, in particular, by the CO2 requirements in projects CMS, Atlas and others. The best from available in Russia standard sorts of CO2 has a purity 99.96%. Considering a practical absence of domestic CO2 with the cleaning degree of 99,99% and above as well as high cost of delivery from abroad, it’s necessary to solve a problem of the local carbon dioxide production. The method of after purification of standard (99.96% or 99.8%) CO2 is described below.


1. Structure.
2. Purification.
3. Regeneration.


With the top grade CO2 (purity 99.96%) as the source material the cleaning degree not less than 99.998% was achieved, as shown by results of the complex analysis, carried out by the specialists in Laboratory of State Standards in the field of analytical measurements.

This system is an experimental prototype and is intended to prove the possibility of production of CO2 with the purity degree not less 99.99% by the combination of cryogenic, adsorption and chemical (hemosorption of O2) methods. Productivity of the system can reach 0.5 m3 (at normal conditions) per working shift .