CELGAS – Nuclear Polarisation in Molecular Hydrogen

The project:

Creation of the Universal Gas Polarized Target for the Investigation of the Nuclear Polarization in the Molecules of Hydrogen (Deuterium) at the Different Interactions with the Target’s Walls.


1. Project summary.
2. Documents and drawings.

Our work:

An experimental setup gives a possibility of the systematic measurements of nuclear polarization in hydrogen and deuterium molecules at different conditions. Polarized atomic beam emerges from atomic beam source (FZ-Juelich, COSY collaboration) recombines into molecules in the storage cell. An electron beam passing through the cell produces the ions H2+ and H+. In the special ion analyzer and Lamb-shift polarimeter (Koln University) the nuclear polarization could be analyzed separately for atoms and molecules. This enables the investigation of atomic recombination and molecular depolarization processes at different conditions.

The final goal of these studies is a significant increase of the polarized target density.