AICS module


AICS module is a high-precision temperature measuring instrument. It provides reading of up to 8 temperature sensors of resistive or semiconductor type. The device resolution of 2 µV corresponds to the temperature accuracy of 0.005K for the Pt-100 sensor. It is equipped with programmable reversible current supply of high stability with the range of 10 µA÷3 mA. A special method is implemented in the device to suppress the thermo-EMF influence using the averaging with reverse of the measuring current.

The device is equipped with eight analog output channels from two 4-channel 12-bit DACs that are buffered and amplified in the quad high precision operational amplifiers . One of these analog output channels could be used for the current source control. All eight signals are connected through the back connector. Also, 24 buffered digital outputs are provided for the actuating devices control like valves or compressors.

There are several options (selectable by onboard jumpers) of communication interface: USB, RS-232 serial interface, full-duplex RS-485 serial interface, internal serial bus interface. The internal bus interface is used for the data exchange with the crate controller during the crate mode working with other devices in the crate.

This instrument is successfully used in Deuterium removal unit (DRU), MuSun Cryo-TPC control and other experiments.

Other documents

PDF AICS preprint