TPC MPD gas system


The time projection chamber (TPC) is the main tracking detector of the NICA
Multi Purpose Detector.

TPC MPD gas system was designed in 2014 and assembled at PNPI in 2016. It provides (Ar + 10% Methane) gas mixture to the TPC detector at the correct differential pressure (2mbar). The system operates nominally as a closed circuit gas system with the majority of gas recirculation through the detector. The TPC MPD gas system is the first system designed in our laboratory with two recirculation circuits. The inner circuit provides fast gas mixture exchange in the detector at large flowrate. The outer one provides quality control of the mixture, fresh gas supply, pressure stabilization etc. The slow control for the gas system is based on single DAQ32 module.


pdf Gas system diagram
pdf Gas System Operation Manual (in russian)
pdf Slow control software manual
pdf Wiring diagram
pdf Charts software manual
pdf DBViewer software manual


jpg Gas system installed in Dubna

jpg Gas system with TPC simulator

jpg Inner circuit gas rack

jpg Main gas rack

See also assorted pictures of system assembling and tests.