The system (Fig. 1) consists of 40-liter Measuring cylinder, block of drying (H2O adsorber), multifunction block of fine drying and purification from oxygen (H2O & O2 adsorber), 2-liter freezers (Freezer1 and Freezer2), adsorption vacuum pump (Adsorber), mechanical roughing-down pump with the liquid nitrogen trap (Vacuum pump), electric heater (Heater), 50-liter Dewar, Reservoir for liquid nitrogen, manual operating valves (MV1-9a), exemplary manometer M1, ionization vacuum gauge VI1 and mechanical vacuum gauge VI2.

Schematic diagram of CO2 Purification SystemFig.1. Schematic diagram of CO2 Purification System.

Source gas (Source CO2) is being delivered in 40-liter steel cylinders. Refined gas is being accumulated in 40-liter stainless steel cylinder (Pure CO2). It’s possible to divide the scheme on two parts. On the right of the valve MV6 a preliminary preparation subsystem (dosing and drying) is shown. On the left of MV6 valve the subsystem of deep purification is situated.

CO2 Purification SystemFig.2. CO2 Purification System.