Memory map

Address Length Type Name Description
0x0000 2 word WDCount Watch-dog resets counter. Should be 0 or small value and not increase. This counter resets to 0 at every “cold” start, i.e. power-on procedure and increases at every watch-dog CPU reset.
0x0007 1 byte AVGCount Number of samples to average. No averaging occurs if = 0. Default value is 8.
0x0008 1 byte ADCchan ADC channel number. Device will measure only this channel (0÷127) or all 128 channels if ADCchan>127.
0x0009 1 byte DOUTByte Digital outputs control byte.
0x000F 1 byte ID Device ID = 0xA1. It is NOT device address.
0x0010 256 word ADCval[128] Sensor values in 2-byte integer form. Temperature should be calculated by the formula:
T [F] = ADCval / 0xFFFF * 400
0x04FE 1 byte UpdateNums Control byte for updating sensor numbers in EEPROM. If UpdateNums=1, CPU will write sensor numbers from RAM to internal EEPROM. CPU reads numbers from EEPROM to RAM in startup procedure.
0x04FF 1 byte UpdateNames Control byte for updating sensor names in EEPROM. If UpdateNames=1, CPU will write sensor names from RAM to internal EEPROM, where they will be kept until next power-on procedure. This takes about 1.5 seconds. CPU reads names from EEPROM to RAM in startup procedure.
0x0500 512 char Names[128][4] 4-byte sensor names for LCD display.
0x0700 168 byte snum[7][24] Sensor numbers for 7 groups and 24 sensors in each group. Group names are kept in Flash memory and could not be changed.