Slow control modular DAQ system

This electronic system was initially designed for the slow control of gas systems, in order to overcome difficulties with commercial electronic systems. It consists of several modules:

  • DAQ32 module: general analog input and control
  • AICS module: precision temperature measurements
  • MLEV module: Hall probes and levelmeters control
  • DO64 module: 64-channel digital control module
  • TAMP module: 8 temperature channel add-on module for DAQ32.

Our DAQ  system provides all necessary functions for the slow control, i.e. sensors reading (either current 0..20mA or voltage 0..10V), analog control and digital control. It is based on a microcontroller, and could be easily reprogrammed. The system also provides basic interlock functions if needed. In this case the interlock action could be taken by electronics without computer.