DAQ32 module


DAQ32 is a multi-channel measuring instrument for slow control systems, designed for industrial sensors measurements. It is equipped with 32 analog input channels with common selectable input voltage range. The signal from the sensor passed through the analog filter with optional current shunt for the current sensor connection. Current shunt installation allows one to accommodate the particular channel for the measurements with the current output sensor.

The device is equipped with four analog output channels from the 4-channel 16-bit DAC that are buffered and amplified in the quad high precision operational amplifiers. All four signals are connected through the back connector. Also, 16 buffered digital outputs are provided for the actuating devices control, e.g. valves and compressors in the gas systems or heaters in the cryogenic systems.

The instrument provides reading of all 32 analog channels in 25ms with accuracy of 1LSB of 16-bit ADC. It has serial  (RS-232, RS-485) and USB interfaces for data exchange with PC. It can also be used as a crate controller for other modules in crate assembly. The device can operate using USB power for small systems control.

This instrument is successfully used in various gas systems, Deuterium removal unit (DRU), MuSun Cryo-TPC control and other experiments.

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PDF DAQ32 preprint