Main parameters

The system of ultra-high purification of hydrogen is designed for maintenance of predefined purity of hydrogen in a time projection chamber (TPC) for mu-capture experiment at PSI. Currently the system is being installed in PSI.

CHUPS under construction

Fig. 1. CHUPS under construction.

Main parameters of the system are following:

  • working pressure: 10 bar;
  • volume of circulation: 1-5 standard liters of pure H2 per minute;
  • maximal combined concentration of contaminants: 10-2 ppm.

The system consists of three independent parts:

  • cryo adsorbtion compressor (Compressor);
  • adsorption purification unit (Filters);
  • buffer (reserve) volume.

The system has to provide a stable purity and pressure in TPC in fully automatic mode during an entire collider run (up to 2 month) without an intermediate disassembling. Initial purity of hydrogen is provided by special conditions of its production.